US Leveraged Loan Fund Inflow Streak Hits 11 Weeks, $4.3B

US loan funds

U.S. loan funds recorded an inflow of $494 million for the week ended May 2, according to Lipper weekly reporters only. This follows last week’s inflow of $264 million and marks the eleventh consecutive week of inflows for U.S. loan funds, for a total inflow of roughly $4.3 billion over that span.

Mutual funds again led the gains this week, with an inflow of $373.5 million, while ETFs reported an inflow of about $121 million.

The four-week trailing average rose modestly, to $441 million, from $389 million last week, marking a fifteenth consecutive week in the black.

The year-to-date total inflow is now roughly $5 billion.

Total assets rose to roughly $101 billion at the end of the observation period, which is the highest level since the week ended Sept. 24, 2014, when total assets were reported at $102.4 billion. The change due to market conditions this past week was an increase of $205 million. ETFs represent about 13% of total assets, at about $13.3 billion. — James Passeri

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