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Credit Analyst, Leveraged Finance – NYC

23 July 2014







Credit Analyst, Leveraged Finance – NYC  (Job Reference # 109253BR)




Description Credit Analyst – Leveraged Finance
Financial analyst providing technical and analytical support to Credit Officers responsible for North American non-investment grade corporate credit counterparties. Assist Credit Officers by performing credit analysis, risk monitoring, exposure control and reporting functions.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Financial Risk Analysis–
Perform financial statement analysis and financial modeling for assigned corporate borrowers. Assess credit, financial, business, industry, and regulatory risks. Perform business segment analyses and peer group comparisons. Evaluate earnings quality and sustainability, debt capacity, asset/liability mix, appropriateness of capital structure and financial management. Construct and update financial models as needed, conduct financial sensitivity analyses, compare actual results to budgeted performance. Apply fundamental credit analysis and various analytical tools to develop risk rating recommendations.

Industry Analysis–
Conduct industry analyses, examining size, structure, geographic concentration, growth rates, entry barriers and regulatory issues. Evaluate business cycle effects on an industry and companies. Assemble comparative data to assess historical performance, forecast future trends and evaluate relative risk ratings. Profile key performance measures for leading companies. Prepare written industry studies and participate in global and regional industry reviews as needed.

Strategic Analysis–
Complete analysis of assigned counterparty’s strategic objectives, examining problems encountered and successes realized. Focus strategic analysis on factors such as industry leadership, niche dominance, market share growth, pricing improvements, cost control, new product introductions, market entry/exit, and mergers/acquisitions. Evaluate corporate strategy in relation to financing and investment decisions.

Corporate Valuation–
Analyze an array of financial metrics to assess the value of a business, determine debt capacity and understand the financial risks associated with a capital structure.

Transaction Analysis–
Exposure to a broad range of lending and derivative products.

Monitor Portfolio Quality–
Organize and maintain information necessary for disciplined monitoring of portfolio credit quality. Maintain quality of data related to portfolio on banks risk systems. Ensure timely completion of Annual Reviews and assist with Global Regional Sector Reviews.

Data Collection–
Analyst will be responsible for obtaining external financial information such as annual reports, 10Ks, 10Qs, broker reports, industry studies, etc. Retrieval of internal company data will be accomplished using CRC risk systems and relevant reports prepared by CRC.

Establish a cooperative, consultative relationship with Investment Banker/Loan Manager and/or traders for assigned portfolio. Develop professional role as expert on a company’s credit profile, industry position, financial management and strategic objectives.

Contact Outside Corporate Team–
Internal: senior Credit Risk Control management, investment bankers, loan distribution, loan portfolio managers, traded product marketers, Documentation, Legal, BPS, ILM, BUC.

External: management of companies assigned (occasional), industry analysts, Moodys/S&P, professional seminars.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with relevant concentration
  • 2+ years relevant working experience is a plus

Preferred Qualifications

  • Computer proficiency required in Excel, Word; experience with Bloomberg, KMV is helpful; will learn numerous applications specific to the department.
  • Strong knowledge of financial accounting concepts is a prerequisite.
  • Some level of formal credit training is preferred.
  • Strong presentation skills preferred
  • Basic knowledge of corporate finance and derivatives is preferred.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

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