Free Event: Downstream Impact of Current Leveraged Loan Market Dynamics

A new, on-demand Webinar from LCD and S&P Global Market Intelligence is now available, examining the downstream impact of current U.S. leveraged loan market dynamics.

The free Webinar can be viewed here. All the slides used in the presentation are available for download.

This in-person event, conducted on Oct. 29, features a panel discussion moderated by LCD Sr. Editor Shivan Bhavnani, with

  • Andrew Bellis, Managing Director, Head of Liquid Loans at Partners Group
  • Pat Daugherty, President & Chief Investment Officer, Glacier Lake Capital
  • Mitchell Drucker, Managing Director at Garrison Investment Group
  • Randy Schwimmer, Senior Managing Director, Head of Origination & Capital Markets at Churchill Asset Management

Panel topics:

– Covenant erosion
– Unrestricted versus restricted subsidiaries
– Portability: What is it, and why are people talking about it?
– What will recovery rates look like after the next downturn?
– How does the current market (peak?) stack up vs 2007/08?
– What will the market see in 2019?

subordinated debt cushion

Also in this Webinar:

  • LCD Managing Director Ruth Yang provides a detailed look at credit risk, loan market recoveries, and the (considerable) value of a debt cushion.
  • Andrew Watt, Managing Director, S&P Global Ratings, focuses on that state of today’s credit market, and whether there are warning signals that the cycle is ending.
  • LCD Managing Editor Tim Cross presents an overview of today’s U.S. leveraged loan market, focusing on recent big-ticket LBOs, leverage, and issuance.

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