Leveraged loans return 2.13% in first quarter, besting only equities

returns-leveraged loans vs other asset classes

Spurred by more-dovish-than-anticipated comments from Fed Chair Janet Yellen, the 10-year Treasury rate fell six basis points, to 1.94%, on March 31, from 2.00% a month earlier. As a result, loans underperformed 10-year Treasuries in March, while running even with high-grade bonds. With risk assets under pressure, however, loan returns ran ahead of equities and high-yield.

For the year-to-March, likewise, the 10-year rate is down 23 bps from 2014’s final read of 2.17% and, as a result, fixed-income products are running ahead of loans and equities. – Steve Miller

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Guggenheim prices $856.75M CLO via Citi; MTD issuance hits $13.6B

Citigroup today priced an $856.75 million CLO for Guggenheim Partners Investment Management, which was upsized for a second time, according to sources.

The transaction is structured as follows:

Recall the transaction was initially outlined as $654.55 million, though it had previously been increased to $805.4 million.

The deal has a two-year non-call period, a four-year reinvestment period and a 12-year legal final maturity.

The asset manager yesterday also priced its $558.9 million Kitty Hawk CLO 2015-1 deal via Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, though note this is Guggenheim’s third print in the U.S. this year.

CLO issuance in the year to date now stands at $28.11 billion from 52 deals, according to LCD. March issuance is $13.58 billion from 25 deals. Though there are still a couple more days left in the month, issuance thus far in March is the highest since June 2014, when $13.78 billion of deals priced. – Kerry Kantin

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Leveraged loan market sputters to lowest 1Q volume since 2010

leveraged loan volume - M&A

Bolstered by a troika of large, well-rated, corporate M&A loans – Dollar Tree ($6.2 billion), Valeant Pharmaceuticals, ($5.15 billion), and Ball Corp. ($3 billion revolver) – new-issue volume has risen in the first quarter, to $80.7 billion, including $53.9 billion of institutional tranches, from a three-year low of $66.6 billion/$43.4 billion over the prior three months.

Still, participants are not exactly breaking out the cigars and champagne. The primary market is off to a flat-footed start versus the liquidity-heavy/regulation-light first quarter of 2014, when arrangers placed $168 billion of new issues, including $129 billion of institutional facilities. In fact, 2015 is off to the slowest start for any year since 2010. – Steve Miller

This analysis is taken from a longer LCD News story, available to subscribers here, that details first-quarter leveraged loan activity in full.

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Leveraged loans: Global CLO issuance hits $27.58B YTD

global CLO volume

It was another busy week of marketing and pricing in the U.S. CLO market, while Europe saw a single new print, with more expected shortly.

  • Year-to-date, global volume rose to $27.58 billion.
  • U.S. CLO volume totals $24.84 billion for 46 deals, versus $19.92 billion for 39 deals in the same period last year.
  • European CLO volume stands at €2.44 billion from six transactions, versus €2.06 billion for five deals in the same period last year. – Sarah Husband


This story was taken from a longer piece of analysis available to LCD News subscribers also detailing

  • March CLOs
  • CLO pipeline
  • Volume: CLO vs Inst’l loans (US and Europe)


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Leveraged loan funds see another $228M investor cash outflow

Bank loan outflows were grew to $228 million for the week ended March 18, versus outflows of $31 million in the prior week, according to Lipper. The latest outflow was split between mutual funds and ETFs, with mutual funds recording $160 million of the full amount, while ETF outflows continued for the second week in a row following a six-week period where ETFs reported inflows against mostly outflows at mutual funds.

leveraged loan fund flows

There has now been a total of $27.6 billion of outflows recorded over the last 49 weeks, with only three weeks seeing inflows over that span. The year-to-date outflow now sits at $3.1 billion, with 4% tied to ETFs, versus an inflow of $6.5 billion at this point last year, with 16% tied to ETFs.

The trailing four-week average fell to negative $143 million, from negative $54 million last week and negative $52 million two weeks ago. Recall that the negative four-week observation 12 weeks ago, at $1.3 billion, was the deepest in roughly 3.5 years, or since the week ended Aug. 31, 2011.

In today’s report, the change due to market conditions was negative $172.9 million, a change of 0.20% against total assets, which were $92.6 billion at the end of the observation period. The ETF segment comprises $6.7 billion of the total, or approximately 7%. – Joy Ferguson


US Leveraged loan issuance for week ended 3/13: $8.7B

leveraged loan issuance

U.S. leveraged loan issuance totaled $8.7 billion last week, in what was a relatively quiet market. The big deal, volume-wise: Valeant‘s $4.55 billion (in new money) credit backing it’s proposed acquisition of Salix.

With the recent activity, year-to-date loan volume in the U.S. totals $72.3 billion, down noticeably from the $130.5 billion seen at this point in 2013. – Staff Reports


Survey: Leveraged loan managers expect default rate to hold below historical average

leveraged loan default rate

Leveraged loan managers remain constructive on the near-term default outlook, according to LCD’s latest quarterly buyside survey, conducted in early March. On average, participants expect the loan default rate to end 2015 at 1.63%, before ticking up to 1.81% by March 2016. By comparison, the historical average rate by amount is 3.23%. – Steve Miller

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A longer version of this analysis is available to LCD News subscribers.

It includes

  • Composition of distressed ratio (by industry)
  • Imputed default rate
  • Leveraged loan maturity wall



CLO roundup: At $3.91B, US mart sees busiest week of 2015 so far

global CLO volume

Last week was the busiest of the year for the U.S. CLO market, with seven new CLOs printing for $3.91 billion. Other busy weeks this year include the week ended Feb. 6, in which seven deals printed for $3.53 billion, and the week ended Jan. 30, in which six deals printed for $3.44 billion, according to LCD.

Europe also saw a new print, and from a first-time manager to boot. – Sarah Husband

After the busy week, year-to-date statistics are as follows:

  • Global volume rises to $20.79 billion.
  • U.S. CLO volume rises to $18.44 billion for 34 deals, versus $14.20 billion for 28 deals in the same period last year.
  • European CLO volume rises to €2.08 billion for five transactions, versus €1.65 billion for four deals in the same period last year.

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